How to Solve the Educational Crisis


Practice is a crucial factor in almost every area of life. Education is no exception. Teachers need a lot of practice to become good at their work. And once they get enough knowledge to improve their skill set, they will be able to teach other kids adequately. Such a cycle should never be interrupted if you don’t want to fall into an educational crisis. 

Attracting quality talents to teaching

educational crisis


You can’t expect to have a quality education system without excellent teacher talents. They should have at least secondary-level qualifications. Everything below that is not recommended. Hence, investing in high-quality secondary education should be a priority goal for every country and its government. By doing that, they will enlarge the pool of excellent teacher candidates. Also, in the process of training and hiring, policy-makers should focus on different, under-represented groups, especially ethnic minorities.

Teachers’ training

Teachers need to receive the appropriate training in order to meet the needs of different groups of children. Before they enter the classroom, teachers should go through education programs and ongoing practices. Developing and strengthening their teaching skills is vital for their own progress, but also for the overall educational system. They have to know how to teach different grades and ages, multilingual classrooms, and to understand gender differences. Schools with such teachers will be more open to girls, especially if there are suitable girls scholarships, but also for ethnic and other minorities. 

Mentors have to support teachers

For a successful educational system, mentors and educators must know how to train teachers and improve their skill set and knowledge. Mentors also need adequate training in order to provide appropriate lessons. Also, it is recommended that educators also have a lot of classroom experience and possess all essential learning requirements. Successful mentors should know how to use their expertise in the teaching process, and also, how to translate teaching knowledge into useful activities. Newly qualified teachers will learn how to approach each group of children, and it is almost impossible without having a few great mentors.

Show teachers a clear career path


The government should ensure that teachers earn competitive salaries or at least comparable with other professions. Such an attractive career opportunity should always motivate teachers to stay in the same school and improve their performance continually. If you don’t have driven teachers who are above the poverty line, you can’t expect them to share their knowledge with children in the right way. Simple as it is – you can’t expect them to work hard if their wages are below average. Finally, a clear career path will also reward those teachers who are willing to support the learning of disadvantaged children. They will, in most cases, create great relationships with this group of children through specialized courses and online resources.

Develop classroom assessments

Classroom assessments and tools are vital for helping those kids who are struggling with particular lessons. Every teacher has to be trained on how to use these tools, and also, when the right time to use them is. If only a few kids in the classroom need additional help, then organizing extra classes may be the best idea. Besides that, the teacher must provide enough learning materials to all kids. Only after that will they be able to evaluate the progress of every individual in the classroom.

It seems like it is easy to solve an educational crisis, but each of these steps requires a lot of investments and hard work. However, keep in mind that educated kids will have more opportunities in life and consequently, your country will be on the way of economic growth.

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