Online Resources that can Make Student Life a Little Bit Easier

Student life is far from just fun, games and partying. Those interested in their academic success have a lot on their minds and to-do lists on a daily basis. Studying, time management and productivity are not the easiest things to juggle constantly, especially considering the essential time for rest and sleep as well as some healthy socializing. Thankfully, the Internet can be very helpful for a busy student. There are several different websites and apps that can make student life a bit easier.

Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)

In order to be productive for the day and attend all the important classes, you have to wake up in time. It’s not uncommon for students to have late nights in front of their books and laptops, which is why every little bit of help is welcome in the morning. One of the most effective, popular and annoying alarm apps is undoubtedly Alarmy which will get you out of bed and require to take a picture of a specific place in order to stop the sound.


If you just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and read the books you need for your literature class, you should make the most out of Audible. This is an audiobooks app that has tons of different books and genres. The best thing is that you can rest, shower, cook, tidy up your room and even go out to deal with other tasks of the day all while listening to the book you need for your studies.

Schoolhub Students

This is just one of the available task management apps, but you’ll really want to use it! It’s easy enough to use both on your computer and smartphone. Not only will it help you keep all your tasks, responsibilities and other important dates organized in one place, but it will also send you updates and reminders about the upcoming scheduled stuff.


Thinkswap is definitely among the most popular websites when it comes to the abundance of resources available to students. Essentially, you’ll find the important notes and documents from different universities and years to help you prepare for your exams. From comprehensive biology notes to visual arts and health studies coursework, you’ll definitely find useful information to help with your academics on Thinkswap.


Writing an essay may no longer be a problem for you but providing proper citations seems to be a struggle for every generation of students. This is where EasyBib app can help you. You can use it on your phone or computer. It also integrates with Google Docs seamlessly. Not only will this app generate proper MLA-style citations but it will also offer a plagiarism checker, grammar suggestions and other bibliography bits.


If you feel overwhelmed handling complex assignments, studying, and maybe even working at a part-time-job all at once, you could consider is hiring someone to help you out. Finding a professional to write your paper for you from time to time could get you some much-needed relief.

Focus Booster

In case you’re having issues with your focus and productivity, Focus Booster is worth a try. After all, this is a digital age we live in and distractions are readily available. Focus Booster uses the so-called Pomodoro Technique that breaks your study intervals in chunks, thus helping you focus and organize better. In the end, the app can help you with balancing your tasks and obligations, improving focus and creating proper work/study habits.


Finally, Gutenberg is still one of the biggest and most popular sites to explore when you need a text with expired copyright. That said, there’s no reason to spend money on literature and other texts that are old enough to find their place on Gutenberg. There’s actually 59k+ eBooks now available on Project Gutenberg.

The online world may be full of distractions but, on the other hand, it’s also full of helpful resources, study materials and other essentials that every student can benefit from. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make your student life easier with the right searches.

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