Main Differences Between Montessori And Traditional Education

While both styles of education have their advantages, there are important differences between Montessori and traditional education. Parents who have a strong preference for a particular style of teaching can choose a private Montessori school or college based on the type of curriculum they prefer. Parents can also choose a Continue Reading

Classroom Culture Explained

A classroom culture where students are comfortable and trust is the cornerstone for setting up an atmosphere where students are continually motivated. They are able to improve: learning and giving feedback to improve classroom performance. How do we know this? What is it that fosters a classroom culture that encourages Continue Reading

Classroom Activities and Strategies to Promote Creativity

Learning can be fun, and this is what classroom activities and strategies to promote creativity should encourage. In a healthy learning environment, children will strive to learn all that they can, and this will include being creative. They will use their imagination, explore ideas and concepts, and use critical thinking Continue Reading