5 Useful Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Learning Space for Your Child at Home


As parents, we want what’s best for our children at all times. We want them to be safe and happy at home as well out there in the “big world,” and we want to encourage them to learn. Thirst for knowledge is so rare these days that parents are making an effort to spark curiosity and allow children to explore the world in such a way that they will want to keep doing it in the future as well. If you’re looking for innovative ways to create an inspiring learning space for your child in the comfort of your home, read on.

Pick a spot

First things first – you need to choose a space they will love to be in, in order to work there. Their bedroom might seem like a logical choice, but with kids who are just starting school, a place where you can join them and offer help is a better idea. As they grow, they will likely move to their bedroom on their own, but in the beginning, pick a spot that’s convenient to you. If you place their study area on the other side of the house, you’ll catch yourself running back and forth all the time, and most of your own work will be forgotten.  

Keep it organized






When it comes to organizing the said learning space, there won’t be much that you can do unless you set up a system that will help you and your child stay organized. This means you will have to find plenty of bins, drawers, boxes, and folders that will help your child keep their things in order. Stickers and markers are simple ways to label drawers and folders, so they always know where to find their math and geography papers, and a big bin for their waste is a must. 

Make it comfy

learning space



Do you think that cold, fluorescent-lit offices are inspiring? Kids need to work in spaces where they feel good because when they like being there, they will likely use the space too. Install the right lamps and light fixtures, so they don’t have to strain their eyes and be careful when doing so – in Australia, you’re obliged by law to get an electrician for such things. If you’re thinking about new light fixtures, call an electrician from Inner West and have them finish the job. Add throw pillows and fun motivational posters to make doing their homework cool. 

Give them privacy

If they’re old enough to be doing their own work without your supervision, give them their privacy, but try to separate study from play space. This is because they can easily get distracted, and by dividing the spaces and focusing on one task alone, you’re helping your child develop their cognitive abilities. The learning space should be organized, help them focus, and teach them responsibility, and the play area is where they enjoy their freedom and are able to unleash their creativity. 

Motivate them

Let’s face it – homework can be truly exhausting, and you don’t want them to give up just because it gets hard. When they have something to show for the hard work they have done, they will feel much better and be more motivated to work. Think about setting up a gallery area where they can hang their art and good report cards. Any awards they win might look good on the fridge, but when they can see it while they work, it’s going to be much more encouraging. 

No matter how hard you try, there are never going to be “ideal” conditions in your home, but it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to encourage your children to learn and explore. By allowing them to pursue their interests and passions, you will ensure that they grow up into resourceful and knowledgeable adults who are hard-working and responsible. Thirst for knowledge is something to be nurtured from the earliest days, and with a great learning space at home, you will ensure that it stays with them in the years to come. 


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