6 Factors That Influence Medical Specialty Choice

Throughout the years, the choice of student specialties has changed a lot. Today, money is taking a secondary role, with quality of life and workplace happiness taking the leading spots. There are many factors that doctors have to consider when making a medical specialty decision, and here are just some of the most obvious ones: 

Personal preference and talent

Like in any profession, medical experts have preferences that affect their future careers and medical specialty choice. One of the most common factors that influence their choice is their personal preference, love of a certain branch of medicine, as well as natural talent. Many doctors choose their specialty inspired by their past. If there was someone in the family struggling with a medical condition, the doctor might choose their specialty in accordance with their past experiences with the disease. Some medical jobs also require physical abilities not everyone is born with. For instance, hyperbaric medicine requires doctors to be certified divers, which is something that requires great fitness and even some natural talent. 

Work-life balance

In today’s world, medical experts cherish their personal time more than ever. We all know how important it is to achieve a good work-life balance, and many doctors are willing to sacrifice a part of their career to have more time for themselves. Certain specialties allow more free time than others, mainly family medicine, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, plastic surgery and psychiatry. According to research, these physicians usually have successful marriages, time for family and themselves and can afford to take time off from work. 

Availability of work in the area

It would be nice for every doctor to be able to follow their dream, but the reality is that many fields do not have many job openings, and your hard work might go to waste. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on job openings and work opportunities in your area, so you can put your talents and knowledge to good use. For instance, if you’re aiming to become a respected cosmetic surgeon in Melbourne, you have great opportunities for employment and the practice of your trade. Plus, the ability to work beside great experts is an amazing opportunity for your career and expertise. 

Working conditions

Some specialties allow doctors to live at home and work in a clean and safe environment. On the other hand, some other specialties involve working in dangerous conditions and frequent traveling. Both are equally rewarding, but doctors who want to prove themselves, work in dynamic environments, and maybe even make a real difference often choose dangerous specialties. Before making your decision on the specialty, make sure to study working conditions in your area and consider how much you’re able to sacrifice.   

Experience with the specialty 

Doctors with some previous experience with a certain specialty have a higher chance of choosing it. People with parents working in the same field might be motivated more to choose a specific specialty, as well as those who had quality professors in college. No matter how brief, any contact with a specialty can stir someone’s decision on what path to take in their career. 

Future career development

And finally, it’s important to have opportunities to advance in their career, which is some fields allow in abundance and some a little less. People who strive to continue improving themselves, learning and growing as medical specialists might choose a competitive field with great job opportunities and future potential like radiology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, oncology, gastroenterology, etc. These fields are expected to continue growing in the future and gaining more funding. 

When choosing a future medical specialty, it’s important to consider all of these factors above and make a decision with both your brain and heart. Specialists with a mix of love for the field and employment happiness can achieve the best results and help the most people. 

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