Several Best Tips for New Drivers They Don’t Teach You in Driving School

The three most exciting moments for new drivers are learning to drive, passing the road test, and eventually getting a driver’s license. After that, you can drive a vehicle without supervision, like a professional. But, the learning process doesn’t stop when you pass your test because the real test begins when you are on the road. In addition, there are other skills you didn’t learn in driving schools, such as car maintenance and many other things. Here are some tips your driving instructor maybe didn’t teach you.

Be familiar with all the buttons in your car

Your driving instructor won’t mention all the button functions in your vehicle. Although there are standard buttons, such as radio, window buttons, AC control, and others, cars are different and come with various infotainment and functionality systems. Therefore, you must be familiar with the purpose of all the buttons in your vehicle, especially those hidden near the right knees. The particular button can save your car from crashing and avoid serious problems. So, thoroughly read your car’s manual or search for information on the internet if you don’t have it.

Understand your wheels’ positions and focus on the tires  

Your driving instructor will teach you how to push the brakes but probably won’t mention a word about avoiding potholes. Therefore, you should learn to listen to what your wheels are trying to tell you. You can lay down plastic bottles and then run over them. A bit of routine like the one mentioned will make this skill understandable. 

Remember one more thing: do not turn the wheels beforehand while taking a turn with your car. In that case, your vehicle could go into the opposite lane and break the tires. Besides, in a messy situation, other vehicles may hit your car. 

Another crucial thing while driving is focusing on the right and left tires because they are the central point during driving. If you pay attention to the tires, you will genuinely avoid potholes. Therefore, when you are handling the steering wheel, focus your mind on the direction of the car’s wheels.   

Do regular car maintenance and safety check-ups

Regular inspection is necessary if you want to properly take care of your car. In addition, the so-called pink slip inspection is crucial to verify that your vehicle is safe if it is older than five years. That also is stated on your registration papers. Therefore, when it is time, opt for reliable authorised vehicle inspectors to do an e-safety check in Sydney. They use the best-performing diagnostic tools to properly inspect the car and reveal possible problems with everything from tyres, lights, brakes, body damage or rust, and oil leaks to seat belts and windscreen.

Correctly place your side mirrors

When your side mirrors aren’t adequately adjusted, they can make you think you see a blind spot. That is an area around your vehicle you can’t see, and you may miss an oncoming car. The best way to place your side mirrors well is to stay in the centre and adjust the passenger’s mirror until your vehicle is still not visible. Then lean to the window on the driver’s side. Continue to do the same until you don’t see your car. In addition, ensure your rearview mirror directly shows your rear windscreen.  

Pay attention to taller vehicles and behave like other cars

The taller vehicles always have an advantage because they can see the road more clearly. Therefore, something is likely up when you see taller cars trying to maneuver. Consequently, it’s always good to watch taller vehicles’ signals and be cautious. Besides, behave like other cars on the road. For instance, if a vehicle in your lane is slowing down, do the same. However, don’t try to overtake them because animals or pedestrians could be crossing the road.

Driving is a long-life learning process that requires practice, adapting, and overcoming. Therefore, if you want to be a confident driver, you should understand your car’s components and road rules. We hope you found the tips mentioned above helpful.

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