Why Sex Education Should Be Taught in Schools

Sex Education

These days, sex is what sells the best, meaning that it’s all over the media. It’s practically impossible to shield the kids, pre-teens, and teenagers especially, from this. After all, they grow and develop an interest in the topic. In that sense, they would also benefit a lot more from thorough sex ed lessons compared to a one-off talk about bees and birds.

Without Sex Ed, Teenagers Learn from the Media

Regardless of whether they’re being talked to about sex or not, teenagers will be exposed to sex. What’s more, they only get exposed to the unrealistic representation of sex, often viewed from porn. Not only are the actual acts of sex dramatized, but there’s no talk about sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy whatsoever. This is one of the main reasons why kids should be taught about intercourse in schools, where they can understand the impact of being sexually active completely.

Sex Education

Sexual Maturity Comes Before the Emotional/Mental One

We all know that once the kids hit puberty, their bodies start to change. Physically, their bodies are ready to procreate at this point in their lives. However, we also know that just because they may be ready to engage in intercourse physically, the story is quite different when it comes to being emotionally and mentally ready. This discrepancy during the puberty period is another important reason to introduce sex ed in schools.

Kids Won’t Be Kids Forever

Kids grow up. They will become adults. And 99% of people engage in sexual intercourse at some point in their lives. There’s nothing wrong with having sex, experimenting with it, using sex toys to boost enjoyment, and so on. However, kids who didn’t get to learn properly about sex ed, or have learned about sex from porn, have a greater chance of becoming adults who have misconceptions about sex. They may never be able to get the proper satisfaction from this act, connect with someone on a deeper emotional level without fear, or admit that something doesn’t feel good. On the other hand, continuing to grow up with the right knowledge on the matter is bound to improve their adult sex life and help them become stronger individuals both mentally and emotionally.

Sex Education

A Safe Space for Learning About Sex

One would rarely see a pre-teen or even a teenager who’s willing to ask their parents about sex. However, it’s only logical that kids who are about to hit puberty are actually interested in learning more about sex and the way their bodies change. In order to do so properly, they need a safe space where they can ask questions without pressure or fear, and get the correct answers on the matter. That said, organizing a sex ed class in schools could prove to be a crucial aspect of kids’ education when it comes to life in general, their growth, as well as their ability to open up and understand themselves better.

Sex Ed in School Leads to Better Life Choices

The biggest issue in regard to sex ed is the fear it will trigger interest in sex in kids. The thing is, kids are already interested in sex due to their natural growth. It’s infinitely better to provide them with comprehensive sex education in school than to leave them on their own to look up sex that’s being served to them in the media, porn, etc. Sex ed won’t make the kids engage in sex against all odds; however, it will help them make better, healthier, and more informed decisions about it.

Sex Education

Many parents view sex as a rather unpleasant and inappropriate topic to discuss with their kids. Still, kids need to learn about it in order to lead a healthy and happy life. This is where sex education in schools can prove to be an irreplaceable source of knowledge, protection, and information.

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