How Many Cigarettes Are In A Hookah?

How Many Cigarettes Are In A Hookah?

Eight percent of smokers are switching lanes from cigarette smoking to water pipe smoking in an attempt to free themselves from nicotine consumption currently, assuming that hookah smoking is safe. However, according to research, hookahs are even more harmful to human health than cigarettes.

The fact that hookah is flavored and sweetened, making it more alluring, which creates a fabricated notion that its health risks are less than those linked with the consumption of cigarettes.

What You Need to Know

According to the World Health Organization, a two hundred puff session of hookah usage is equivalent to consuming one hundred cigarettes. On average, a cigarette smoker takes nine to twelve puffs in about six minutes, which translates to 0.6 liters of smoke intake.

Each cigarette puff is equivalent to seventy-five milliliters of smoke. On the other hand, a hookah smoking session can last up to seventy minutes, in which a smoker can consume up to two hundred puffs taking in up to one liter of smoke. To try out a hookah, check out the 24 seven hookah lounge in chandler


This means that a non-daily water pipe smoker consumes two cigarettes in a single smoking session while a daily hookah user consumes around ten cigarettes a day. Hookah smoke has been linked to diseases such as lung cancer. It can lead to other infectious diseases, heart diseases as well as cause complications during pregnancy, making it more harmful than cigarette consumption.

Besides its nicotine content, hookahs contain carcinogens and carbon monoxide as well as high metal contents and tar compared to those in cigarettes.

Wrapping Up


A hookah smoking session can expose the user to more smoke compared to a person who smokes cigarettes. According to the recent findings, most hookah users are not aware of the dangers associated with hookah smoking and consume it in large quantities with a notion that it’s less addictive. It’s, therefore, crucial for experts to carry out extensive research to gather the needed information that will go a long way in helping people make an informed decision.

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