What Is Ephemeral Content Marketing (And Why You Need It)


In today’s digital age, people are interacting with others from all corners of the world with stories from Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. According to statistics, there are nearly 200 million people who engage in Instagram every month. This number clearly shows that if you want to have a personal touch with your clients, the social media platform is the way to go.

If you post a single story item on social media, it will definitely increase your overall reach. The style of ephemeral content is gaining its popularity and if you don’t know what it means, don’t feel intimidated as we are here to help.

What is ephemeral content marketing?

Also known as impermanent or short-lived content, ephemeral content is any visual content, photo or video with a limited lifespan. Unlike a web page or a blog that stays up indefinitely, ephemeral content is only accessible temporarily, usually twenty-four hours or less before it disappears forever. Thanks to advanced technology, people can easily share short-lived information through Livestream or stories on various platforms.

Social Media

So in other words, ephemeral content marketing is a strategy that uses fear of missing out (FOMO) tactic in the creation of a sense of urgency which allows users to take action as fast as they can. With this strategy, business people can create and also share short-lived visual content to promote a brand and also stimulate consumer’s interest to buy services or goods without wasting time.

Social media platforms with ephemeral content

· Snapchat

· Instagram

· WhatsApp

· Facebook

Why you need ephemeral content marketing

A few years ago, ephemeral content marketing was viewed as an option but today, more and more people are embracing this tactic because it brings better business results. If you want to get it right and convince your clients to buy what you are offering, all you need is inspiring content.Find more info here.


Social Media

Stories are compilations of videos or photos which can either be live or pre-designed. What makes them stand out is that they don’t require any special equipment to create and with a Smartphone, you are good to go. If you don’t know how to create the best content, make the internet your best friend and you’ll find more info than you actually need. If you have not embraced ephemeral content marketing, the following reasons will convince you;

· It embraces authenticity

· Reaches more people and drives website traffic

· Engages your target audience

· Boosts e-commerce sales

· Increases content volume

· Boosts loyalty

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