What Are Clip On Earrings?


Clip-on earrings are developed for those who don’t have pierced ears or those who aren’t able to wear lace earrings. The clip earrings come in many different layouts, designs and alloy. These clip earrings have distinct financing choices. The conventional clip earrings needed a hinged back so they are readily snapped in place over the earlobe. Those that comprised screw-on magnetic or backs were common in those days.

Clip Earrings are ordinarily wore by men and women who don’t like to have their ears pierced but nevertheless want to use an earring. Clip earrings can also be referred to as clip on earrings and therefore are a fantastic selection for individuals that aren’t certain about piercing or wish to find out whether they like wearing earrings prior to piercing.


Clip-on earrings may also be worn in the event the visual appeal of a third or second piercing is wanted to find a concept of just how multiple piercings might seem.

Clip on Earrings are the ideal means to decorate your ear lobes minus the hassle of getting them refrigerated. The largest benefit of clip earrings is it doesn’t expand or rip the hole at a pierced earlobe.

Even people that have pierced ears may wear ring earrings. For those that have experienced many ineffective piercing efforts or have experienced disease difficulties, or grown allergies, then clip earring are intended only for you.

The Various Types of Clip-On Earring

1. The Simple Hinge Clip-On Earring

A more convenient and less fiddly layout was the very simple hinge clip, coming out there in the mid-1930s. This very simple clip, as its name implies, functioned like a hinge to start and shut the earrings and secure them into the lobes.


Quick and simple to perform, these would be the perfect closed for little or lightweight earrings. Recently a friction groove has been frequently added to the top of this clip to stop marginally thicker earrings from falling off. You’re able to observe the very simple lever hinge in this image under, and also the friction grooves to stop slippage.

2. Paddle Back Clip-On Earrings

The 1950s Watched a variety of clip-on earring designs filed to the patents division, where one was that the one that we see most commonly now: the flexible paddle clip together with the spring pub about the hinge. This layout has suffered due to its simplicity, ease of usage, and economical manufacturing.

The paddle back is composed of a broad fastening with a pressure bar running the center. The match of this earring may be corrected by bending the pressure pub or outwards to twist or loosen the clip.

(Watch our website “Ouch! My Clip-Ons Are Therefore Pinchy!) . Tension keys can be found which could assist with locating the ideal comfort and match with the kind of clip-on earring.

3. Screw-Hinge Clip-On Earrings

Patented in 1962 has been an addition to clip-on earrings that united with the ease of the squat clip together with the flexible comfort of this screw-back beneath the cushioned screw-back clip earring.


It is a ‘best of both worlds’ option for simple on-the-go alteration of your own clip earrings at a fast open-close fastening. Perfect if your lobes have a tendency to swell during the day or in case your earrings are especially heavy.

4. Mini-Clip Earrings

The Mini-clip is a little wedge shaped squat back using an easy strain pub. They are Fantastic for lightweight earrings or tiny lobes because their dainty layout is more discrete.

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