The Top 7 Features You’ll Love in Lightroom


Lightroom is a darling of most professional photographers because of its excellent creative tools. These tools will not only make your pictures amazing, but they will also enable you to cut down the time used in editing your images. We can refer to Lightroom as a complete package for your photo editing needs. Let’s look at some of the best features you will love in Lightroom.

Photo Merge-HDR

Photo merge- HDR is a new addition available in Lightroom CC. This feature is easy to use. To use the feature within Lightroom, select the images, then photo merge and HDR. The photos will be available in the HDR feature window. You can save them as a RAW or DNG file. In the Develop module, you have 20 stops of adjustments for the RAW file.

Non-destructive editing

This feature protects your original files. As you edit your pictures, Lightroom creates instructions that are stored in a catalog file. The guidelines dictate how the image will be saved on export. The instructions are automatically entrenched in DNG files.



Images are saved as JPEG, RAW or TIFF images, an XMP sidecar file will be formed that will store these instructions next to the original image. The Non- destructive feature will allow you to work on your pictures without damaging your original images.

Photo Merge- Panorama

This feature is available in Lightroom CC. Adobe has made it possible to export a series of single images into Lightroom when you want to create a single huge image from the pictures. Go to photo, then photo merge and finally Panorama feature. Just like photo Merge-HDR, the feature is fast inaction as Lightroom can access your graphics. This feature allows you to create the panoramic as a RAW or.DNG file that appears next to the RAW images you used to make the image.


You can download or create your presets in Lightroom. Presets enable you to store adjustment sliders within the Develop module. These configurations can be applied to other images by a single click. This will save time making your image processing fast. You can make many presets that you will apply to your images to experiment their effects.


By creating your presets, you can show your style as a photographer. Your images will appear unique because of a personal style. Presets are one of the best sleeklens features you can download and use in Lightroom.

Processor Access

Lightroom CC can now allow you to access your graphics processor. Remember earlier versions of Lightroom only had access to the main processor. This feature makes editing images better. Your editing speed in the Develop module is faster courtesy of processor access. To enjoy this processing speed your computer should have a graphics processor compatible with Open GL.

RAW file editor

Lightroom has a powerful RAW editor. A majority of dSLR cameras have RAW format as the best quality setting; you can make the best use of this feature in Lightroom. When taking pictures in RAW format it becomes earlier to improve white balance and exposure in Lightroom. Because of high-quality RAW files, you can easily fine-tune contrast and brightness, convert black to white among other effects without affecting the quality of the images.

Creative adjustment tools

Adjustment brush, gradient filter, and post-crop vignette are among the best creative adjustment tools available in Lightroom. They enable you to correct most common photo errors without affecting the quality of your images. You can darken the skies, remove vignettes introduced in the image by a lens or create natural vignettes besides painting adjustments on chosen areas of the image using these creative adjustment tools.

Lightroom presents fantastic features that will make you express your creativity besides saving your valuable time. Use these features to produce striking photos.

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