Simple and Beautiful Gestures Are the Perfect Love Expression

Words aren’t always enough

In 2022, many people are familiar with the concept of “love languages”. Some people have a very literal “love language”, in that words of affirmation move them at an emotional and spiritual level. For some, their love language is touch. For others, it’s activities like dining, or other opportunities wherein couples spend time together.

Here’s the point: beyond telling someone you love them, or giving them an ornate gift, there are certain gestures that tend to communicate your love to your significant other more resoundingly than words could. Here we’ll explore a few things you can do to communicate with your spouse or lover on a level beyond mere words.

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Solve a problem for them and ask nothing in return

The big problem with favors is an expectation of the “return” favor, and that doesn’t show love, it shows a sort of quid pro quo relationship; “something for something”—you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. This is why many east Asian cultures are averse to gift-giving: etiquette demands a return gift.

Such gifts tend to represent more of a deposit against an expected future return than any loving gesture. Well, that aspect of reality inheres to human nature, meaning it’s not just east Asian cultures where people feel they owe someone something in return for a gift or a grand gesture.

That’s why it can be worthwhile to do something good for the one you love without ever telling them. What goes around comes around, they’ll find out what you did eventually. If you did that thing altruistically, and never told them, the impact your gesture has when fully realized will be that much deeper.

Do something romantically unique

Often, somebody will ask you something specific, and because you weren’t ruminating on that topic, your mind goes immediately blank. Well, when you’re trying to think of a romantic gesture, you may encounter the same difficulty. Here’s a link to some ideas that can help you show love to your partner if you’re having trouble thinking of something.

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Be there, and listen

Being fully present in the moment and devoting your full attention to the one you love is actually a pretty big deal. Nobody does that, especially in modernity where our minds are divided between our personal desires and our personal devices.

Shut off the smartphone, look your lover in the eye, listen, and respond in light of what you’ve heard; don’t just listen so you can respond. Listen to hear what he or she is actually saying so when you respond, you’re contributing to a two-way street of communication, rather than one-upping your spouse.

Showing you care

Listen, be there, do something romantically unique, and solve problems for your lover without ever telling them—they’ll find out eventually. These tactics represent fine gestures you can explore to help solidify and strengthen your relationship. All relationships require work. So work on yours by doing whatever you can to solidify your bond together.

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