Most Useful Scholarship Programs


At times we have the will to pursue our dreams but do not because of the poor economy and higher poverty levels that hinder us from fulfilling the dreams. Most people don’t understand that there are a large number of grants that are widely accessible to sponsor their education.

There is always a wide choice of scholarship programmes that a person can choose from academic scholarships for higher achievers to creative average student scholarships.

Therefore there is always some rooms created even if your grades are not as appealing you still have a great chance to fulfill your dreams.

Here are the most useful scholarship programmes;

· Erasmus + in Europe

Their vision is to promote international mobility. This programme came as a result of other seven existing EU programmes, and its core values are to provide teachers, students and also institutions across Europe with € 14.7 billion in seven years.


· Eiffel excellence scholarship programme in France

It aims at the international Ph.D. and also masters students who are in France. This scholarship programme also gives a monthly allowance to its students and a homecoming trip to their home and country and a security cover. The monthly allowance adds up to € 1181.

· Chevening scholarships

It is a global scholarship programme that is funded by commonwealth office and foreign. So far it has at least 1500 students from the eligible countries who would want to study in the United Kingdom.The scholarship covers for their coaching fee, monthly allowance, flights to their home country and other grants.

· Endeavor postgraduate awards in Australia

The scholar students who are doing their master’s degree or Ph.D. in Australia. In this programme, they provide their students with full financial support which includes: tuition fee, monthly allowance, travel allowance, health insurance as well as other grants.

· Fulbright scholarships in the USA

It is located in the US and offers foreign student programme. This programme provides for at least 4000 international students with financial support for their study and venture in the US. Their scholarship is full.


· The gates millennium scholarship in the US

It is also known as the gates foundation. It is sponsored by Bill Gates. The programme covers the expenses of 1000 students entirely. As long the student in studying at any part of US, the Gates Foundation will pay for their accommodat5ion and tuition fees.

· Joint Japan world bank graduate scholarship

This programme scholars’ students from developing countries and would like to do their masters abroad then return to their home countries and help contribute to the development of the country. It funds accommodation, tuition fees, health insurance, and a monthly allowance.

· Uniplaces scholarship

It is a global programme that is funded by Uniplaces. They give scholarships to a student from all over the world and to any place of choice that they would like to study. The unit places programme offers a cover for ten students’ accommodation for a whole semester.

· Rotary foundation global study grants

The rotary foundation focuses on mobility. It aims for students who are willing to study out of their home country. Their cover starts at $30000 which covers travel expenses, education expenses, accommodation and language courses.

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