How to Help Your Client Design a Customer Event that Deepens Relationships


The importance of building lengthy and trustworthy relationships with customers cannot be overstated. While offering quality products and providing great customer service is a prerequisite for connecting with customers, hosting a special event is a perfect way to deepen relationships with them. However, not every event ends up being a success and if you want to make sure your clients succeed in their intentions, organizing an event that stands out from the crowd is a must. With that said, here’s a guide that’ll help you get the job done right.

Learn more about the target audience


If you’ve been working with the client for some time, you probably already know who their target audience is. Still, it’s a good idea to do some extra research on people who’ll be attending the event before you start planning the whole thing. Think about current trends among the target audience and things that might interest them at the moment. The more you manage to find out about them, the easier it’ll be to plan a memorable event. It’s also a good way to ensure you don’t broaden the scope of your event too much.

Outline specific goals

Some people may believe that all customer events are the same, but there’s much more to it than it meets the eye. While your client’s goal may be to deepen their customer relationships, it’s still a good idea to come up with specific goals that’ll help you figure out the direction in which the event should go. For example, maybe your client wants their customers to start following them across various social media platforms. This means you should come up with several ways to bring up the topic of social media and display their posts that got the most shares and likes.

Offer exclusivity


Offering exclusivity is one of the best ways to deepen customer relationships. Just think about it. If a company chooses you to offer you a deal most other customers can’t get, you’ll feel more connected to that specific organization. This is exactly why you should encourage clients to use their event to offer exclusivity in one way or another. For instance, you can have them prepare trade show displays for introducing attendees to a special deal only they can get. Depending on the product your client sells, you can also think about preparing special packaging for everyone who buys something at the event.

Make lasting memories

No event can be considered a success if nobody’s going to remember it after a few weeks. This is why it’s important to design an event that doesn’t focus only on your client’s products but something else as well. Whether you opt to make the event charitable or prepare a special learning experience such as a painting class, you can be assured everyone will have a good time. What’s more, these types of events also promote loyalty and a sense of pride that everyone from your client’s team members to their customers will find invaluable.

Create personal experiences


Every customer wants to feel special. When they know your client put in some extra effort to create an experience designed explicitly for their needs, they’ll be more likely to connect with the company. The good news is, creating personal experiences at customer events isn’t tough. Start by creating personal agendas for attendees and tell them which session they might want to attend. You can even develop personal messages and send them using your client’s mobile app.


Remember that your job is to put a smile on your client’s face and the best way to do it is to make the event effective. Help them succeed in deepening relationships with their existing customers and you’ll do well.

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