How Are Norwegian Students Fundraising Money For Field Trips?

How Are Norwegian Students Fundraising Money For Field Trips?

Schools in Norway offer plenty of activities to their students, unlike other European countries. Students what to get away from daily surroundings and explore different places, whether it’s another European city or Norwegian mountain areas.

Each trip has a special place in their heat, and it’s another way to create meaningful memories. If you ask anyone who has been to these trips, 5 or 15 years ago, they will tell you they still remember every detail.

However, schools don’t always have enough money to fundraise such events, so they have to resort to tjene penger til skoletur og klassetur.
In this article, we will discuss why students take field trips and how they manage to raise money.

What’s the purpose of field trips?

A class trip is a journey that consists of a group of students and teachers who visit a place away from their usual environment. However, the purpose of this trip isn’t only to have fun, because this filed trip has an educational purpose as well. It offers students an opportunity to experience things outside their daily activities.

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For instance, they could be visiting Auschwitz, which offers them a chance to learn about the Second World War. In the past, we have seen many privileged kids taking more expensive trips than those who are disadvantaged. One of the benefits of these field trips is providing all students with the same cultural experience.

Different ways students are making money

Selling toilet paper: many students are selling toilet paper to earn money for a field trip. First of all, they are buying supplies of toilet paper and then making home delivery. This is quite a fun and easy way to make money since everyone needs dope paper. However, a tip is to seek larger companies willing to buy larger quantities instead of individuals. In this case, you will earn more money.
Selling firelighters: briquets are very popular in Norway, and since they are eco-friendly, they are easy to sell.

Selling birthday cards: everyone celebrates birthdays; therefore, it’s handy to have a suitable card when the invitation arrives. This is an easy way to earn money since you can sell bundles instead of individual cards.

Voluntary contribution: parents and other people can donate money and enable students to take filed trip. All donations are made anonymously, or at least only a few people get to know who donated the money. Additionally, some companies and foundations are willing to help schools fundraise enough money to take kids to field trips.

The most effective way to raise money

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So far, selling products has been the most effective way to fundraise money. However, since students are only reselling these products, they work closely with companies specializing in dugnad. In this case, they can get firelighters, socks, birthday cards, toilet paper, etc.Additionally, these companies offer fair deals, so students can provide products at an affordable rate. Therefore, when customers receive attractive products, they always return for more.

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