Help Your Child Adjust to Life Abroad

Moving is never an easy process. No matter how many new possibilities await, it’s always stressful to go through with the moving process, organize everything and somehow manage to keep things under control. And for a child, moving can be extremely difficult. Keep in mind that you as an adult understand the reasons for the move and can find opportunity in the whole situation. On the other hand, children are not as emotionally and mentally mature as you nor do they have any control over the situation. In that respect, it’s up to you to make this transition easier for them.

Do your best to explain the situation 

In some cases, your kid will understand why you have to move, but will still refuse to accept the change. This is normal behaviour, especially for kids in puberty and teens. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t talk to younger kids though. What’s more, just one conversation probably won’t do. You really have to take the time to explain the situation to them without reverting to anger or impatience. Remain calm and apologetic at all times but remember to present the benefits that the kids will get to enjoy with the move. A larger room, better school, more opportunities for hobbies, friendships and hanging out, etc. are all great incentives to help the child cope and finally accept the move. 

Ensure proper education before the move

If you’re moving abroad, you have to make sure that your child will be taken care of educationally. There are always special learning centres adjusted specifically for foreign kids who have moved with their parents. After all, not only do they have to continue their academics but learn the foreign language as well. For instance, make sure to find a reputable education centre in Hong Kong which actually uses a proper and beneficial holistic approach that focuses on the child’s talents and individuality in case you’re moving to this city. That way, your kid will manage the change better and spend time in the company of their peers who are probably in the same situation. 

Bring your home with you

Children need to feel safe in their new environment and find some comfort in the familiarity of their home. This is especially important when you’re moving abroad, considering how drastic the change can be. In that respect, it would be wise to bring as much stuff as possible from your old home in order to organize your new place in a similar fashion. Not everything might work perfectly, but it can help considerably. It’s especially important to mimic the look of your kid’s room, if not anything else, in order to improve their comfort levels with the new surroundings. 

Let the kids say goodbye properly

Even though you’re an adult, you’re probably going to find it very difficult to say goodbye to your friends and family. And for children, this can be extremely hard and sometimes even traumatic. In that respect, you should encourage them to say their goodbyes properly. Of course, in this digital age, it’s rather easy to keep in touch with someone who may as well be on the other side of the world, but you still need to allow your child to say goodbye in their own way. You can also talk to your family members and let them know how difficult the whole thing is for your kid so that they can reassure them. Also, give your kid enough time to talk to their friends and maybe even organize slumber parties or play dates before you leave.

Even though they may act up in the beginning, your kid will value your patience and understanding. That said, don’t disregard their feelings or get angry. With the right attitude, your child will accept the move soon enough. 

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