Croatia in May

If you’re planning a vacation you should plan Croatia in May! The month of May offers a low-cost and beautiful holiday for all. The rich history, the diverse culture and extremely secure, make Croatia in May a real hidden treasure to be discovered during your vacation!

Weather in May

The mild and pleasant weather of May are ideal for outdoor activities. The daily average is 22 degrees Celsius with plenty of sunshine. The ocean temperatures in Croatia during May can be 19°C. If you are looking for clean, fresh waters, don’t be reluctant to take a dive. Croatia beaches during May aren’t overcrowded and you can get the entire beach to yourself. One of the benefits of the first week of May in Croatia is the affordable accommodations and transportation costs. It is possible to book the top hotels for an affordable price.

What to do: Holidays active and parties

Prior to the crowds that are expected to arrive, May is a great time to travel to small charming sea towns and islands. Croatia in May can offer the opportunity to cycle, hike as well as rock climbing, kayaking, ziplining and trekking, water sports activities, etc. If you’re in search of an adrenaline-inducing vacation, head to Zrmanja and Cetina river for canyoning or rafting. For climbers across the world, NP Paklenica is among the most sought-after climbing destinations across Southern Europe. If you are looking for a stunning panorama while riding, you should plan your vacation in Istria and admire the beautiful views of olive trees and vineyards.

Croatia to May time is a perfect spring getaway for anyone who loves to party. Many of the top DJs across Europe perform at events at the renowned Zrce beach and at the Sea Star Festival in Umag or Amnesia festival in Zadar on the unique stage at Zadar’s Monument to the Sun.

Familie holidays and celebrations to Croatia during May

If you can plan your holiday carefully, you will be able to have the most enjoyable time with your children on holiday. Croatia may be cheap, which means you can find plenty of hotels that cater to families or tours, activities or fun parks at reasonable prices. Croatia has plenty to offer to everyone, you only must find the right place for the needs of your next family holiday.

Overviews of Croatia

Although Croatia is a tiny nation There are plenty of things to do and see. The most well-known destination within Croatia is Dubrovnik absolutely. Dubrovnik is a place that should be on every traveler’s bucket list! It’s rich in both historical and cultural treasures. You are able to easily walk through the streets of Dubrovnik, since Dubrovnik during May is not packed!

Zagreb is the capital city and largest city is a stunning city that has impressive architecture, amazing museums and many historical monuments. Zagreb is the perfect destination to discover more about Croatia and its rich history.

NP Plitvice Lakes, a stunning spot with a unique universal value. It’s the biggest Croatian national park that is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and stunning landscape.

Zadar is the city in an ideal location, set within national parks as well as nature parks. While walking through the city’s streets, you will see the history of Zadar incorporated into the stones , which conceal many untold stories and important events to the story of Zadar. Zadar in May could be the most compelling opportunity to explore this region of Croatia in the month of May.

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