Best Law Firms in Miami Dade County

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When searching for the best legal representation, you should take several factors into consideration. For example, do they specialize in the area that is most important to you? How many years of experience do they have? Are their past clients satisfied with their work? Do they have a passion for helping their clients?

The good news is, there are several miami dade county lawyers to choose from. In fact, there are those that have stellar reputations. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few of the best firms in the county.

Daryl L. Jones

If you are struggling with real estate or foreclosure issues, then you may consider working with Daryl L. Jones. This firm represents homeowners in Dade County as well as throughout the surrounding areas of Florida. This firm is most known for its 95% success rate for keeping its clients in their homes.

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It also helps with short sales, loan modifications, and everyday real estate transactions. Founder, Daryl L. Jones has experience as a bank board director, state senator, and Air Force colonel. Clients are most impressed with this firm’s professionalism and how quickly and efficiently their legal matters are resolved.


Swartz has a reputation for being aggressive and tenacious. They strive to always work in the best interest of the client, no matter how large or small the criminal charge may be. Ken Swartz has tried well over 100 criminal jury trials. His federal court cases range from white-collar economic crimes to money laundering.

If you are in search of legal defense that is thorough and meticulously, then the Swartz law firm may be perfect for you.

Gaebe, Mullen, Antonelli & DiMatteo

This law firm has 100 years of combined experience representing insurers and businesses in every area of litigation. They are skilled in lawsuit prevention and risk management. They have also made their mark by successfully fighting bad faith claims. Their ultimate goal is to save clients money and time by working efficiently.

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They pride themselves on delivering results that are bottom-line and satisfactory. If you’re a business owner who is facing a particularly complex issue that has arisen from changed in technology or the law, then you may consider Gaebe, Mullen, Antonelli & DiMatteo to help with your litigation.

Mase Mebane & Briggs

Are you facing serious personal injuries, commercial litigation, white collar charges, or insurance disputes? Well, Mase Mebane & Briggs may be just the representation you need. The best thing about this law firm is that they are ready and willing to take their cases to trial.
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They encourage their clients not to settle. This firm has handled hundreds of criminal and civil, both non-jury and jury. This firm strives to give its clients the highest level of professionalism and case preparation while maintaining their ethics.


Sure, finding the best lawyer to handle your case can be a challenge. It requires a significant amount of research and patience. However, if you are willing to do your homework on the front end, you can find the firm that is just right for you.

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