4 Tips for Being More Involved in Your Child’s Life


A caring parent is the most honorable title in the world. You have to be involved in every area in your kid’s life in order to be a good parent. However, some people have trouble because of their working schedules, which is unacceptable. Here are four essential tips to be more involved in your child’s life.

Find more space in your daily schedule

Hard work is an essential part of our daily lives, but there is a small trap. By working too much every day, you risk suffering from stress and anxiety. And what is even worse, you won’t have enough time to spend with your kids, which is a disaster. That’s why you have to find enough space each day to be present and spend valuable time with your children. There are many tactics you can choose. Try to become more productive during working hours so you can leave earlier. Or try to prioritize your tasks from the early morning, and you will, most likely, get everything finished a lot earlier than usual. Options are multiple – find the one that suits you the most, and be there for your kid every day.


Be part of their education

Education is granted to all children in every part of the world. That is excellent, of course, but it might never be enough. You, as a parent, have to be an essential part of their education beyond school. Even before school, you can develop early learning programs at home to introduce your children to the education process. The point is that you have to be active continually. Help them with more demanding tasks, try to explain math lessons, and see if they make some writing mistakes. There is a lot you can do in every stage of their childhood. However, don’t be too pushy – it is essential to find the right learning pace.

Be an effective communicator and listener

Open communication with your children is mandatory. They have to realize that you will always be the one they can talk to about everything. There are many life lessons that kids can learn just by talking to their parents. Having meaningful conversations will make them more open towards communication in general. But, that communication doesn’t mean that you should talk all the time and give them life lessons. On the contrary, you have to be a good listener. From time to time, they will have some obstacles in or out of school, and you have to understand their problems fully. Giving the right answer is only possible if you carefully listen to your kids.


Don’t be overprotective

To be a good and involved parent doesn’t mean becoming a so-called “helicopter parent“. Of course, every responsible parent wants to be there for his/her kids, but that doesn’t mean that you have to fight all of your children’s battles. Kids need space each day to get through their own issues. What is the problem with becoming an overprotective parent? First of all, kids won’t like such behavior, and you risk pushing them away from yourself. Also, they might become helpless without you, which is a disaster – they have to learn to fix some issues on their own. And finally, such behavior can have a negative impact on yourself. You can develop negative coping behaviors, such as addiction. 

Even though there is no such thing as “perfect parent”, you should still try to be as good as possible. Always try to find proactive ways to engage with your kids and to teach them vital life lessons through childhood.

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