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Teachers visiting OTHER schools? Yes!

A guest post by Amy Rolan

Every good teacher knows that continuing to be open to change is key to a fresh and happy classroom. However, once you’ve completed your Montessori training the conventional options are limited and expensive for enriching your education. But don’t let that stop you! At our school we set aside at least one or two days per school year to do ‘visits’ to other Montessori Schools. If you would like to try it too just follow these steps:

  • Research Montessori schools online. Find a school that draws you in with a specific strength, for example, a natural playscape just like the one you have been wanting! It's best if the school is at least sixty miles away so they don’t consider you competition.

  • Call the director of that school and flatter him/her by telling what you admire about their school. Make sure they know you are a real Montessori but don’t brag about how big or great you are. Then ask if you could schedule a visit for a tour and perhaps to observe for a while.

  • Try to travel the day before your visit so you can have a nice dinner and hotel stay with your teacher friends. When you arrive at the school ask permission to take pictures that don’t include children as this is much faster and effective than taking notes. Many schools will also be happy to give you paper copies of their calendars, newsletters and so forth.

  • Don’t overstay and be sure to send a thank you.

Yes, we have visited schools that it turns out we don’t like but there are lessons in that too. We have visited many amazing schools in surrounding states and made many friends this way. Hope it works for you too!