Montessori Madmen

Advocating Montessori

We're an impatient, ragtag group of dads and advocates from around the world, united by a common zeal to bring the Montessori method to millions more. Our mission is simple: to advocate for Montessori education so that one day it's not called Montessori school; it's just called school.

Upcoming International Montessori Congress

The MadMen will be at the International Montessori Congress. We want to see you there, too! Here is the latest on registration discounts:

Early Bird Pricing Discounts for the Internationll Montessori Congress are ending on January 31st. Attendees to the Congress receive great perks like lunches, admission to gala parties, free transit passes, and more. We hope that you will consider joining this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the US Montessori community; a gathering of some of the most dynamic and influential people in our movement. Visit to learn more about programming and registration, and we look forward to connecting with you and Montessorians from around the world in beautiful Portland, Oregon this summer!