Montessori Madmen

Advocating Montessori

We're an impatient, ragtag group of dads and advocates from around the world, united by a common zeal to bring the Montessori method to millions more. Our mission is simple: to advocate for Montessori education so that one day it's not called Montessori school; it's just called school.

Why Advertising is Important

I have three daughters at Villa di Maria Montessori School in Saint Louis, MO.  Two are in the elementary program and one in the primary.  I was so frustrated that the school wasn’t growing, that I decided to spend money out of my own pocket to buy a bus shelter advertisement, on the condition that the school buy a bill board in return.  In addition to these two key activities, the school is also advertising in the local supermarket on the grocery carts.
Despite the economy, Villa di Maria has grown from 61 kids last year to 80 kids this year!  In 4 months time, during which we advertised, enrollment grew 31% or 19 kids.

So part of what each school needs to do on an individual basis is advertise, build awareness, get the word out!  Most people don’t even know what Montessori is!  As awareness grows, our chances of being on the receiving end of a large sum of donated money increases in direct proportion.

If every school, over 4000 Montessori schools in the U.S., were to put up a billboard, we’d have more billboards than Coca-Cola! Use any of our designs on for free for your own school billboard.  Let’s do this!

Aidan McAuley