Montessori Madmen

Advocating Montessori

We're an impatient, ragtag group of dads and advocates from around the world, united by a common zeal to bring the Montessori method to millions more. Our mission is simple: to advocate for Montessori education so that one day it's not called Montessori school; it's just called school.


  1. Have a 1-on-1 conversation with a new parent
  2. Give a talk/presentation to a local group
  3. Set up a booth at a local fair (with balloons for kids)
  4. Give parents business cards with a little note pre-printed on the back and offer parents an incentive to spread the word
  5. Get your local newspaper to write an article about your school
  6. Show your kids' art projects in an art show (at the local library, city hall, coffee shop, pediatricians office, etc. with a link to the school/madmen site)
  7. Create a video testimonial on YouTube and share it (what if we got hundreds of these from parents and put them in a YouTube channel)
  8. Sponsor a fun run for kids
  9. Drop one or two Montessori books in a book sharing location (where people can take one leave one. We have one of these at our local train station)
  10. Sponsor a Hackathon award for best use of a Montessori concept in software (
  11. Wear a lanyard with a note that says "Ask me about Montessori" to the coffee shop, health club, childrens' museum, etc.
  12. Put a table tent that says "Ask me about Montessori" on your table when you are sitting at the coffee shop
  13. Sponsor a film student to produce a short film on Montessori
  14. Answer questions about Montessori on online Q&A sites (Quora, Yahoo Answers)
  15. Buy an ad in your local paper, local movie theater previews, or community magazine
  16. Invite your pediatrician to observe a Montessori classroom
  17. Streak the quad with a Montessori tattoo
  18. Hire a sky-writing airplane to circle the college football game with a Montessori banner
  19. Have your school represented in the local parades. Let the children hand out Montessori books to spectators.
  20. Give Montessori books to prospective parents
  21. Regularly share videos related to Montessori education on your social media accounts
  22. Invite a local conventional school teacher to observe a Montessori classroom
  23. Join the Montessori MadMen
  24. Invite a business owner to observe a Montessori classroom
  25. Wear a Montessori T-shirt, shorts, pants, hat, shoes, socks
  26. Invite a realtor to observe a Montessori classroom
  27. Collaborate with other nearby Montessori schools to advertise collaboratively at a fraction of the cost
  28. Invite a political leader to observe a Montessori classroom
  29. Give a local TEDx talk on Montessori
  30. Invite a friend to go along on a "going out" trip
  31. Give a talk for Grandparents at a local senior center
  32. Take the kids for caroling and cookies at a Senior Care/Living center
  33. Give Montessori books to Grandparents
  34. Take the kids to do an art project with residents at a Senior Care/Living center
  35. Hand out cards/flyers at a local museum, science center, aquarium, children's museum
  36. Have the kids decorate the window of a local shop
  37. Produce a series of short videos on different Montessori principles and post them on youtube
  38. Sponsor the youtube channel of people who share Montessori values (example:
  39. Sponsor the TEDEducation channel on youtube
  40. A Superbowl commercial
  41. Sponsored tweets
  42. Promoted Facebook posts
  43. Get your school to participate in the local 4H
  44. Hold a friendly competition with another school to see who can give more tours to prospective parents in one month
  45. Volunteer to hold a story-time at the local library or bookstore and hand out information to the parents
  46. Post Montessori yard signs for your school to attract new parents/students
  47. Affix a Montessori bumper sticker, window cling, or magnet to your car 
  48. Sponsor a local children's film festival
  49. Write a screenplay for the movie Maria Montessori
  50. Invite a neighbor to observe a Montessori classroom
  51. Attend your local school board meeting and get to know the members
  52. Fund a scholarship to send a local teacher to the Foundation Course
  53. Offer a class on creating a prepared environment at home
  54. Create a Montessori based video game
  55. Sponsor a contest where teams of kids solve a business / engineering problem
  56. Create a traveling Journal in which alumni add their thoughts about why Montessori was important to them and then share the results
  57. Give a presentation why Montessori teaches the skills of the future to a group of CEOs
  58. Get the children's wing of your local library dedicated to Maria Montessori
  59. Bring a bus of Montessori materials across the country and set up mock classrooms for a day in different cities (Montessori Rocks Tour)
  60. Get a famous musician to write a song about Montessori
  61. Develop a line of Montessori based baby toys
  62. Have each parent at your school agree to bring one guest in to observe the classrooms
  63. Send a Montessori Education Week press release to local paper
  64. Video your "What is Montessori?" elevator speech and send it to the MadMen to be entered in the contest at the Int'l Montessori Congress
  65. Start a blog
  66. Share copies of great articles on Montessori with prospective parents that you meet at the park with you children.
  67. Invite Montessori graduates from your school to come back for Open House nights at your school to speak with prospective parents considering Montessori.
  68. Optimize your school's web site to ensure you are capitalizing on the proper SEO keywords that prospective parents might search to find nearby Montessori schools in your community.
  69. Host an international day or a peace day at your school and invite the neighborhood.
  70. Advertise and promote Montessori on local blogs, neighborhood listserves, or local online news outlets like Patch.
  71. Create a Montessori jingle
  72. Host a Montessori party at your house.  What's a Montessori party?  We don't know...there's never been one.
  73. Dress up to be a Montessaurus for Halloween
  74. Build a pink tower on your neighbor's porch
  75. Start a Montessori school
  76. Sidewalk Art at a busy location
  77. Spell "Montessori" in lights on the side of your school at night
  78. Invite your local representative to observe a Montessori school
  79. Go to the nearest daycare and plaster their building with Montessori graffiti (removable, of course)
  80. Lemonade stand with "I love Montessori school" on the cups
  81. Apply to be a speaker at a non-Montessori education conference
  82. Proudly wear your Montessori t-shirt to festivals and coffee shops.
  83. Form alliances with "Mom's Day Out" programs to create a form to share information about Montessori.
  84. Check out Montessori Articles ( and re-send them out to prospective parents and/or through social media
  85. Find your friends that make educational decisions for their kids based on scientific research and have them check out videos from Dr. Hughes:
  86. Grab your kid and your iPad and download an app from
  87. Promote a list of Montessori graduates from your school and where they've gone to college.
  88. Send letters to famous Montessori alumni like P. Diddy, Jeff Bezos, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, and the Google founders and get them to spread the word about Montessori.
  89. Celebrate Maria's birthday on August 31st each year by wearing a beautiful hat around town.
  90. Watch the Montessori Madness FastDraw video at and post in your school's web site.
  91. Ask fellow parents if their kid's love their school and invite them to your Montessori school if they don't.
  92. Host a Book Fair at a local bookstore for local families and promote your school to parents with toddlers.
  93. Follow the blog and made contributions.
  94. Sign up to share lessons and other information on
  95. Buy a copy of Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler and share the journey with fellow parents.
  96. Share this video with every parent of every nationality that you know -
  97. Start a Dad's group at your Montessori school to help them better understand the pedagogy.  Get them to spread the word.
  98. Write comments in newspaper article posts about the anti-testing movement that support Montessori's general no-testing stance.
  99. Send requests to Google to get its Google Doodle to honor Maria Montessori every year like they did in 2012:
  101. repeat from number 1